Ignis Telecom launch a OTT calling service power by OptiCaller Software AB

Ignis Telecom, one of the Netherlands’s specialists in Innovative Telecom solutions, launched ignisTalk, enabling users to save up to 85% on international cell phone calls and on calls made when roaming.


ignisTalk is very user friendly and available through a new App compatible with Iphone and Android Operating Systems. It allows users to integrate their smartphone with this unique OTT (Over The Top) service.


Utilising both the IP and cellular networks, Ignis Telecom not only offers increased performance, but also delivers superior coverage as compared to standard VoIP mobile applications available on the market today.


This state-of-the-art mobile call optimization solution is powered by OptiCaller, one of the industry’s biggest names in mobile convergence software.


In summing up the benefits of ignisTalk, Sweden based OptiCaller CEO, Mattias Hansson,  mentions not only the cost savings, but also the excellent sound quality,  superior by far to the current mobile VoIP technology. 


Martin Savelsberg, Director of Ignis Telecom said, "Ignis Telecom’s collaboration with OptiCaller delivers a powerful new product in the consumer market for cell phone calls. We are very excited by the benefits of this App . In a world that is becoming more and more international, is provides us with the opportunity to deliver increased service to our clients, wherever they are, for the price of local phone calls."


OptiCaller Software AB
Mattias Hansson, CEO
Phone + 46 (0) 31 301 22 62

Ignis Telecom BV
Martin Savelsberg, Director
Phone +31(0)85 732 55 31www.ignistalk.com

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