OptiCaller Mobility Module for Asterisk® - state of art Mobile PBX integration

Simplified mobility and reduced call cost

The OptiCaller mobile application allows the user to make mobile calls in a flexible, and above all, more cost-effective manner. It also makes it easy to manage the Asterisk PBX functions, e.g. call diversions and login/log out queues, directly from a mobile phone.

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Add mobility to your Asterisk®

OptiCaller Mobility Module for Asterisk® is a software module that integrates the OptiCaller mobile application seamlessly with the Asterisk - and applications built upon Asterisk*, for example Elastix and FreePBX.

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Customer values

Adding the Mobility Module to the Asterisk, the users will get the following advantages:

  • Call optimization, which reduces call costs by an average of 40-95% through innovative fast call set-up (Call Through & Call Back).
  • ONE number and ONE voicemail for both mobile and landline extensions.
  • PBX functions directly into the mobile phone, easily accessible for the user.


Easy-to-use menus in the smart phone - no more DTMF dial-ins for your users

Mobility Module allows you to customize the user’s experience, from the user interface to the functionality. If your Asterisk configuration uses ARA (Realtime), Custom device states, Call Queues or other functions to turn on and off features in your PBX, you can now let your users do it directly from the smart phone in the OptiCaller mobile application.

Some examples of functions are

  • Call Queue login, logout, pause
  • Custom Device States
  • Realtime and AsteriskDB entries


Powerful provisioning system

To greatly simplify the administration of clients and licenses a flexible Provisioning system is available as an Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing services on the web. In this system administrators handle licenses, companies, users, settings and
also the distribution of OptiCaller clients. It is even easy to create tailor made configurations for your customers needs.


Asterisk Live

OptiCaller's CTO Jörgen Stiejer participated in Asterisk Live with Billy Chia from Digium.
You can view the interview here.



Branded mobile client

We offer the possibility to brand the mobile application for your needs.


Get access to the addon for Asterisk®

Contact us at asterisk@opticaller.com with your inquery.


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*Asterisk is a registred trademark of Digium, Inc.