OptiCaller Mobility Router - state of art Mobile PBX integration

Simplified mobility and reduced call cost

The OptiCaller mobile application allows the user to make mobile calls in a flexible, and above all, more cost-effective manner. It also makes it easy to manage the PBX functions, e.g. call diversions and login/ log out queues, directly from a mobile phone.


Enhance the mobility of your PBX system

OptiCaller Mobility Router is a server add-on installed outside your existing telephony system that integrates the OptiCaller mobile application seamlessly with the PBX.                                                                           


Customer values

Adding the Opticaller Mobility Router to the PBX system the users will get the following advantages:

  • Call optimization, which reduces call costs by an average of 40-95% through innovative fast call setup (Call Through, Call Back & Mobile VoIP)
  • ONE number and ONE voicemail for both mobile and landline extensions.
  • PBX functions directly into the mobile phone, easily accessible for the user.


No more DTMF dial-ins for your users

OptiCaller Mobility Router allows you to customize the user’s experience, from the user interface to the functionality. The end user experience it greatly improved compared to using traditional DISA/DTMF methods. No more long call setup times or irritating tones.


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